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An effective B2B email marketing strategy has much less to do with email per than you may think. The best programs nurture and engage leads while also acting as a critical step toward closing deals-and ultimately making your company more profitable. As email marketers we have access to leads as they enter the sales funnel, giving us the ability to largely influence not only the nurture journey through email marketing but also the flow of information throughout the sales funnel.

Website Planning- Why Strategy Beats Design Every Time

What to Do First Before Designing Your Business Website I see it all the time. People are excited about their business. They set out to hire a web designer grimballdds They share their vision for their website and excitedly wait for the big reveal. Then disaster strikes.You got it all wrong. they say. Design dollars are wasted. Revisions begin. Everyone scratches their heads and wonders where it all went wrong. And before you know it what should have been a simple project bec…